Business Consultancy

La Conch Business Setup provides business consultancy services in Abu Dhabi and around the UAE. We offer company formation as well as management related services. Our professional business consultants at La Conch analyze businesses and deliver solutions, so that your company is positioned well.

UAE market is a welcoming and approachable market, but starting a business in any new country is a challenge. The best way to deal is with La Conch business consultants in the UAE. Our consultants are experienced and provide you expert advice at every given hour. They also guide you to perform in an efficient manner and enhance your business prospects.


With La Conch you can explore and opt for an accurate business module, have a clarified vision with regards to your business, brainstorm on your business activities and plan on adjacent business opportunities, understand the scope of your company along with the scope of your competitors, etc.

Our wide range of services and expertise include:

  • Business Service

  • Product Registration

  • OED Services

  • Trademark Registration

  • Partner Visa

  • Investor Visa

  • Translation Services

  • Company Closure